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Q. What is the Giosphere? A. It's clean fresh air filled with Fun Media. Q. Who owns the Giosphere? A. I own it and my name is Gio; hence, GIO'sphere. Q. Do you think you're cool? A. No I don't think i'm cool.... I am hot.. spicy hot. Q. Where are the nude photos? A. Sorry, I don't have adult related content because people surf this webpage at work. Q. Still have questions? A. Contact me using the contact link on the left.
I got a hot tub today
Yeah, i know... and xbox and a hot tub in the same week. Kinda seems like an overload. Moving that hot tub was a bitch, but now I can relax my sore body in it. My roommates and I got a great deal on the tub because it's not exactly the season to be getting into hot tubs. It's goign to get hotter and hotter, thus the hot tub will seem less and less fun. Water sports are fun. It seems the guy from this Frost Bite Gum commercial could use some nice hot water.
24 Apr 2005 by gio
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I finally got an Xbox
I just picked myself up Halo 2 halo 2 video and xbox live. Now I can play people in other states. It's kinda odd playing a video game when profanity starts coming out of my television. I guess if I get a headset I can talk witih the folks i'm playing with, but all I can do now is hear them curse, burp and complain why they don't have girlfriends. Although, I could hear female voices at times, so i guess girls play xbox live also. Maybe I could find a girlfriend on xbox... or maybe not. Other than the gayness, I'm pretty much addicted to this game now. If you're ever on xbox live, my gamertag is "ugotgames com". Yes, if you haven't figured out yet, i own The guy that first loads on the top is my roommate, Kent. He runs a few websites also, and i'll give him some shoutouts next week. If your bored you can play this halo warthog flash game.
23 Apr 2005 by gio
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Magic rules
I just came across this card trick video card trick video. I would never play that guy in a game of poker, or any game for that matter. Speaking of magic, I love optical illusions, I just found a sicking website with a ton of them. I'm also going to start a little collection of them on this site. This rotating snake is the first one. Warning don't view if hungover. Oh and btw, don't get too drunk at your office party.
21 Apr 2005 by gio
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