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Q. What is the Giosphere? A. It's clean fresh air filled with Fun Media. Q. Who owns the Giosphere? A. I own it and my name is Gio; hence, GIO'sphere. Q. Do you think you're cool? A. No I don't think i'm cool.... I am hot.. spicy hot. Q. Where are the nude photos? A. Sorry, I don't have adult related content because people surf this webpage at work. Q. Still have questions? A. Contact me using the contact link on the left.
Don't worry i'm still alive
Yes, once again i've managed to procrastinate posting on this site for about 1 month. I've been busy with new websites of course, but I wanted to share this old news broadcast with you. It's the turning point that made my career posible. It is one of the first news broadcasts about the Internet. So apparently, my life is like the internet, which seems to be moving a lot faster now that i'm out of college. I really miss college, and if I had a spare $30,000 a year, i'd be going back right now. Alhough, I shouldn't complain because I don't have a 10 page paper due by this friday. I do have a bunch of emails to read and write back, so i'm ending this post for now, but i'll leave you with that old school Internet video to watch. If you're bored, leave a funny joke for me to read in the comments of this post. Update: I just found this interesting essay some college kid wrote about "Saved by the Bell".
08 Nov 2005 by gio
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New Site
I just launched another flash games site with my friends Kent and Dan. Took us a while to find a unique name, but we came up with "". So far, it's our coolest looking site. Head on over to to check out the 3d layout.
In other news, Halloween is just around the corner, and if you are like me... You'll wait to the last minute, then use a candy wrapper for an eye patch. It was my last minute custume idea 2 years ago. And just last year, I was suckered into buying a ladybug custom last minute. It was the last custume on the sales shelf, seeing that it was the last day before Halloween. Moral of the story, don't wait to last minute. Check hundreds of fun costume ideas here. They didn't pay me for that link, I just googled it for you. If you have any of your own new costume ideas, shout them out in the comments section of this post. Or be lame and just read other peoples ideas; or be even lamer and leave my page now.... jk
10 Oct 2005 by gio
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Gas Prices Raise our Road Rage
Does anybody else notice that the amount of road raged drivers is growing as these gas prices go up? Although our gas prices are high, our country has relatively low gas prices compared to other countries. So basically, get used to the gas prices, and stop taking it out on other people. Netherlands gas is $6.48 per gallon, Norway is $6.27 per gallon, and in Italy gas is $5.96. Even the United Kingdom is paying a huge $5.79 per gallon. I got my numbers from this cnn article, which is well worth a read.
Well, that's all the boring stuff i'm thinking about, but i'm really excited about this fall. I've got a few new websites almost ready for you. Also, keep checking out for the latest fun media that my friend and I keep updated daily.
06 Sep 2005 by gio
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