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Q. What is the Giosphere? A. It's clean fresh air filled with Fun Media. Q. Who owns the Giosphere? A. I own it and my name is Gio; hence, GIO'sphere. Q. Do you think you're cool? A. No I don't think i'm cool.... I am hot.. spicy hot. Q. Where are the nude photos? A. Sorry, I don't have adult related content because people surf this webpage at work. Q. Still have questions? A. Contact me using the contact link on the left.
Long break....
Yes, I know.... I haven't updated this site in a longgggg time. And I probably won't for a while. I hope you are all doing well, and have a happy holiday season.
16 Nov 2006 by gio
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Chuck Norris Mania
Okay folks, no worries, i'll add more games in the next 2-3 weeks. But what's the deal with all this Chuck Norris mania? Chuck Norris Facts It has left the internet and reached the public now. Chuck Norris's roundhouse kick to the face, has become the number 1 insult. I guess the guy is asking for it, just visit his Chuck Norris official website. But that's not just it, there are billions of fact sheets about this guy. Here's some more Chuck Norris facts. There is even a on this Chuck Norris facts now. Anyways, enjoy the facts if haven't already seen them. And just hang tight for more games and funny pics next month on the Giosphere.
18 Mar 2006 by gio
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New Games have arrived
Thanks for contacting me about adding new games. Yes, I do listen, and I've added 6 new games to the game section.
08 Dec 2005 by gio
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